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420 Season
2024 races & results
Class details Roster
Leader Board (Post-2010)
Thoroughfare Yardstick
3.13A Person
15.28A Person
18.18A Person
18.45A Person
20.00A Person
21.43A Person
21.76A Person
23.19A Person
26.47A Person
29.21A Person
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Races Won
101×A Person
47×A Person
40×A Person
39×A Person
39×A Person
35×A Person
34×A Person
30×A Person
28×A Person
28×A Person
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Race Metrics
Special Prizes
There are 25 special races each season. Here is a skipper-oriented snapshot schedule for 2024. See trophy case
Porch PrizeNot yet awarded
Pump PrizeNot yet awarded
Kent Cove Cup / OptimistNot yet raced
Helmsman Award / 420Not yet awarded
Instructors’ Cup (Skipper) / 420Not yet raced
Dupont Laser RegattaNot yet raced
Dinghy Sailor Under 35Not yet awarded
4th of July Race / FoxeyeNot yet raced
Hurricane Sound Race / FoxeyeNot yet raced
Labor Day Race / FoxeyeNot yet raced
Pulpit Harbor Race / FoxeyeNot yet raced
4th of July Race / EnsignNot yet raced
Babbidge Blaster / EnsignNot yet raced
Labor Day Race / EnsignNot yet raced
Lewis Ensign RegattaNot yet raced
Pulpit Harbor Race / EnsignNot yet raced
Round-the-Island Race / EnsignNot yet raced
Round-the-Island Race / KnockaboutNot yet raced
4th of July Race / DinghyScheduled for Thu. July 4
Bill Stetson Memorial / DinghyScheduled for Mon. July 29
Calderwood Rock Race / DinghyScheduled for Thu. Aug. 8
Mill River Race / DinghyScheduled for Sun. Aug. 11
Next Cup / DinghyScheduled for Thu. Aug. 22
Pulpit Harbor Race / DinghyScheduled for Sat. Aug. 24
Labor Day Race / DinghyScheduled for Mon. Aug. 26
Most Raced (Post 2010)
84×A Boat
82×A Boat
79×A Boat
68×A Boat
47×A Boat
46×A Boat
44×A Boat
43×A Boat
42×A Boat
40×A Boat
124×A Boat
105×A Boat
96×A Boat
79×A Boat
73×A Boat
73×A Boat
72×A Boat
68×A Boat
66×A Boat
62×A Boat
79×A Boat
46×A Boat
34×A Boat
28×A Boat
11×A Boat
11×A Boat
A Boat
A Boat
A Boat
A Boat
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